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Gold Hands, Strings of Angel

Francisco Sánchez Gómez was born the 21st December,1947 in Cádiz,Spain and he died the 25th of February 2014. He was  a composer and guitar player.

By his father and his big brother he learnt his firsts sturms and at the age of six he started to learnt "professionally" to play the guitar.

With twelve years he started to act with his brother Pepe and with fourteen he obtained his first award at the International Competition of "Arte Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera", that's when he started his international  degree. In 1967 he throw his first work by himself "La fabulosa guitarra de Paco de Lucía". A little bit later he started to work with Camarón,they became to a be an artistic couple.
 The bests compositions are:

  • Entre dos aguas (1973)
  • Río Ancho (1976)
  • La Barrosa (1987)
  • Tico tico (2012)

 Here´s the  video from Paco de Lucía called "Como el Agua"

If you want to know some more information about Paco de Lucía click here.

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