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Gold Hands, Strings of Angel

Francisco Sánchez Gómez was born the 21st December,1947 in Cádiz,Spain and he died the 25th of February 2014. He was  a composer and guitar player.

By his father and his big brother he learnt his firsts sturms and at the age of six he started to learnt "professionally" to play the guitar.

With twelve years he started to act with his brother Pepe and with fourteen he obtained his first award at the International Competition of "Arte Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera", that's when he started his international  degree. In 1967 he throw his first work by himself "La fabulosa guitarra de Paco de Lucía". A little bit later he started to work with Camarón,they became to a be an artistic couple.
 The bests compositions are:

  • Entre dos aguas (1973)
  • Río Ancho (1976)
  • La Barrosa (1987)
  • Tico tico (2012)

 Here´s the  video from Paco de Lucía called "Como el Agua"

If you want to know some more information about Paco de Lucía click here.

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Niña pastori, stage name from Maria Rosa Garcia Garcia she was born on january 15, 1978, She had two children with Julio Jimenez Borja , she is a flamenco singer. Four years used to accompany her mother, who sang from girl and was known as 'Pastori de la Isla' in the proceedings that led to San Fernando. 'Pastora' le enseñó el arte flamenco y se convirtió así en la referencia fundamental para que la Niña se hiciera cantaora. A los ocho años se dio cuenta de que quería seguir los pasos de su madre y comenzó a cantar.
with just twelve, the singer Camaron de la Isla introduced in the Teatro de Cádiz Andalucía, was so fascinated that in the middle of a concert asked him to serve with him.
At seventeen years she are presented the opportunity to record their first album, though not strictly flamenco. On the insistence of his mother Mary was going to Madrid to sing songs to the Parrala. There he was discovered by Alejandro Sanz, who was delighted and decided to go to San Fernando.
made eight albums published by the company Sony Music.
here are a few of his songs:
  1. la quiero a morir
  2. remolino
  3. amor de sanjuan
  4. acariciame la cara 
this is one of his songs: 

Flamenco, an Andalucian art.

Rosario Flores also known as Rosario Gonzalez Flores is a Spanish singer, composer and actress of gyspsy origin. In 2012 she was part of the judges of ´La Voz´. She was born the 4th November 1963 and her music style is pop, rock, rumba and flamenco. In 1984, with little more than 20 years, she recorded her first discographic work, ´Vuela De Noche´. The most beautiful terms of this work were signed by her brother.
  • 1984: Vuela De Noche.
  • 1996: Mucho por vivir.
  • 1999: Jugar a la locura.
  • 2001: Muchas flores.
  • 2003: De mil colores.
  • 2006: Contigo me voy.

All that I know

The flamenco highlights in Andalucía, Extremadura and Murcia. It includes singing,dance and guitar playing. They are a lot of Palos which are different forms of dance it.
My favorite Palo is las alegrias because I dance it. Here you can see a video of alegrias.

 But there are many more for example: bulerias, fandangos, malagueñas, sevillanas and tangos.
A famous flamenco singer is India Martinez she was born in Cordoba, Andalucia.She has been singing since 2003.
He has sung with artists such as David Bisbal, Pablo Alborán and Enrique Iglesias.

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Flamenco since childhood


Malu was born in 15th March of 1982 in Madrid between singers and artists,she became a singer too. She is the daughter of singer and niece Paco De Lucia. She begain her career at the age of 15.
She has 4 platinum discs. She began recording his first album "Aprendiz" in the year 1998.
In February 2012 she was selected as one of the four coaches of "La Voz" programme.
Those are ones of the most popular sings of Malu:
  • "Blanco y negro"
  • "Y ahora tú"
  • "Quiero"
  • "Vuelvo a verte"
  • "Deshazte de mi"
  • "A prueba de ti"

Here are more information about Malu click here.

A prodigy of flamenco's guitar

Paco de Lucia was a very important flamenco guitarrist. He became famous when he participated in an interational flamenco competition in 1962. He played in Europe, North America and Japan, so he became more famous.

He is considered a principal figure of flamenco music. He received a lot of awards such as two Latin Grammys for his albums Cositas buenas and En vivo conciertos España, and the National Award of flamenco guitar art.

He worked with Camaron de la Isla, and together, they modified the concept of classic flamenco.

Paco de Lucia published 38 discs. These are some of his songs:

  • Entre dos aguas
  • Rumba
  • Como el agua
  • Malagueña
  • Bulerias
In this video, you can see Paco de Lucia playing Bulerias with Camaron de la Isla:

Here is the official website of Paco de Lucia

The King Of Flamenco

He  was born the 25 of December of 1942 in Granada, Spain and died the 13 of December of 2010 was 67 years old. His wife was Aurora Carbonell  they had three  children called Estrella, Soleá, and Enrique. This singer is pure flamenco icon, a large icon is also his daughter Estrella Morente, she was born the 14 of August of 1980 in Granada like his father,currently she is 35 years old.

His best-known albums are :

  •  Omega (1996)
  • Sueña la Alhambra (2005)
  • Pablo de Málaga (2008)

Enrique Morente in action:

The great singer of souleía

 Antonio Manuel Álvarez Vélez, was born in Ayamonte, Huelva, on November 6 in 1980, known artistically as Pitingo.
 His son of a fisherman, as his grandfather, and of gypsy mother. He learned sing in family, since flamenco singer belongs to one of the sagas of great tradition. He is the creator of the Souleía, Soul to Bulería's pace.
Pitingo went to lived to Barajas, in Madrid. It was employed at the airport of suitcases loading while he was singing for bulerías and Manolo Caracol's fandangoes and this way the life was gained until his adoptive aunt Salomé Pavón decided to take Pitingo to a meeting of payos and of gypsies. This way his artistic career began.

 If you want to know more about he click here

His musical success are : 
  • Pitingo Con Habichuelas
  • Soulería  
  • Olé Y Amén 
  • Malecón Street
  • Cambio De Tercio       
In this video we can see Pitingo with Merche singing


And this one is my entry I hope that you have liked, see you soon!!!!

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The Talent In The Blood 

Jose Luis Figueredo was born 4 june 1970, in (el Puerto de Santa Maria) Cadiz. In his village he is carnival of Cadiz. In his village he is well known as "Selu" and he loves the carnival of Cadiz.
He´s one of the better singer of spain. In the world musical he is well known as "El Barrio". He´s the first singer, who fills the palace bigger of Spain:
"Picau Sant Jordi" and "Palacio de Deporte de Madrid".
After 17 year of be singing he to has a rest of 3 year. The last concert was in 2012 and came back in 2015.
He uses to dress of black clothes and takes his hat.
The meaning of this hat is because he doesn´t mixture his life of artist to his personal life its a way to be unknown. His music is very characteristic because it mixtures:
Flamenco, Pop, Rock Andaluz.
This songs more famous are:
  • Pa´Madrid.
  • Angel Malherido.    
  • Calla.
  • Orgullo.
  • Hijo del levante.
  • Zapatones
  • He Vuelto.
  • Hola ¿Como estas?
  • Somos los Barrieros.
It is one of the song who identify them: "We are BARRIEROS"

Flamenco Dancer

Sara Baras Perey is a flamenco dancer.
She was born on 25th of April, in San Fernando, Cádiz. 
Sara started to dance in the academy of her mother and now she is internationally famous. She also won some awards and participated in tributes to Camarón de la Isla.
She has been on televisión, movies and fashion catwalks.

If you want to know more about she click here

My opinion:

 I do this work because I like very much her dresses, they are very original and I like how she dance too.

 My favourite dress are there:

I saw her in the program  A BAILAR  where she was a jury member with Carlos Baute and Charlie Hussey. In this video you can see one part of the program:


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The Greatest

Rocío Jurado was born in Chipiona (Cádiz),18 September 1944. And She expired in Madrid, 1 June 2006, for a cancer of pancreas.
This artist was a famous singer in Spain and other countries of spanish language. She was singing all types of "palos" (traditional varieties of flamenco). Her nickname was and is The Greatest. The most famous songs that She has sung are: As a wave, He has said to me the Moon or Anthem of Andalusía.

For more informatión of this singer visit wikipedia.

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To stardom .

Pablo Lopez is a spanish singer , concretly from Fuengirola .
I like his music becouse I heard it one day that I was coming home by car . A week ago I saw that he was going to sing in the theatre of Las Lagunas , and I thought that he wasnt a famous singer , but later on I hear him in the radio and I love his music , but then there was not more tickets for the concert .
He sings a type of pop that is call melodic pop , his songs treat about love , but from my point of view he relates it with the love that he feels for the music .

One of the songs that I like most of him is ``Tu enemigo ´´ . This song is about the migration of people that comes from another country looking for a better life , but they are rejected from the people that lives there . Here I leave you the origional video and the link from his official web page.

I hope that you like my spot , and that you love his music and hear more frecuently .


Niña Pastori was born on 15th of January 1978 in San Fernando, Cadiz.
She is a flamenco singer who has sold over 2 million copies in her 20-year career.
When she was seventeen years her presented the opportunity to record her first album, though not strictly flamenco, is a pop flamenco.

Among his awards are two Friend Awards for best flamenco album Eres luz and María and two Latin Grammys for best flamenco album.

Niña Pastori public ten discs, the first call Entre dos puertas in 1996 and the last call Ámame como soy in 2015.
 Here I leave a video in concert:

Before concluding I want to say that I choose this singer because I think it's a great artist and talented and I love their songs other than as her is.

A Málaga art

Pablo Alboran born on May 31, 1989 in Málaga.Su first song called Only you . The obtained four nominations for the Latin Grammy awards. Pablo Alboran has concegido win a Goya in 2016 . His musical success are :
  •  Only you
  •  Only you (Part 2)
  •  Desencuentro
  •  Fear acoustic Forgive At (feat )
  •  I've missed you
  •  So much 
  • The kiss Who Both (New Edition )
  •  Ecstasy (Radio Edit)
  •  Where is the love feat  Jesse & Joy 
  • Offshore
  •  At last
  •  Steps zero
  •  Remember me
  •  Offshore
  •  Live the
  •  Stairs
This video is Pablo Alboran singing Only You :

Thi is the web page the Pablo Alborán: pabloalboran.es

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The Music on Fingers

The guitar is a musical string instrument, and the tipical instrument of Andalusia too. The guitar have between 4 and 18 strings, usually having 6. Often used a musical genres like: flamenco, country and pop.

The guitar is composed of a wooden box and a mast where the strings go.

In the flamenco, the guitar is accompanied by instrument like; cajon and castanets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Here's a video of Paco de Lucía playing solo of flamenco.

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The best artist of flamenco

Camarón de la Isla was one of the most famous singers of flamenco. He was born in 1950 on the 5 of December in (Cadiz) Spain. When he was seven years old Camarón used to sing in the parties that his family did. In 1962 when he was twelve years old he was presented to a contest of flamenco. It was the beginning of the professional career of Camarón. After that, Camarón worked in (Andalucía), but he worked more in Málaga and Cadiz. Camarón had four children who are called Luis,Gema,Rocío and José. He used to do concerts with the guitar and with his voice close to others famous singers of flamenco, for example, Paco de Lucía, Kiko Veneno and Raimundo. In 1992 on the 2 of July with only forty-one years old he died. Camarón was a marvellous person.

These are ones of the famous songs of Camarón:
  • Como el agua
  • Soy gitano
  • La leyenda del tiempo
  • Volando voy
  • Rosa María 
  • Yo vivo enamorao 
  • Fandangos 
  • Dicen de mí
  • Que desgraciaitos son 
  • Romance de la luna
  • Calle Real
This is a page where you can look for more information if you want.Click here

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Paradise for your ear

Miguel Poveda is a flamenco singuer, he was born in Barcelona the 13th of  February  in 1973, when he was child he recorder singing flamenco annd coplas becouse he really like. In 1988 wit 15 years old he rises for the first time on a stage. Miguel poveda is wanted to be heard also outside Catalonia this was presented to some tests in which he won 4 of the 5 Awards, in 1995 it manages to record their first album of flamenco with much effort.his biggest successes are:
  • Viento del este
  • Suena flamenco
  • Zaguán
  • Tierra de calma
  • Real
  • Sonetos y poemas para la libertad
  • Coplas del querer
  • Arte sano
This is a video of Real:


If you want to know more visit the official page of Miguel Poveda:click here 
if you want listen here music:click here