miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

The Best Of Estopa

They are two brothers, they started in 1999 with his first album. The names of two brothers are José and David 
Muñoz. The first album sold 1.000.000 of units.
These are the brothers Estopa

Starting the 2001 maded 7 albums more and in 2015 maded
new album, the name of the album called "Rumba a lo desconocido" also maded more albums like...
  • 2004. "¿La calle es tuya?"
  • 2005. "Voces de ultratumba"
  • 2008. "Allenrok"
  • 2009. "Estopa X Anniversarivm"
  • 2011. "Estopa 2.0, el renacer"
  • 2014. "Esto es Estopa"
  • 2015. "Rumba a lo desconocido"
The Estopa made Rumba catalana and Rock. And these is my favorite song of Estopa "Como Camarón".

                        Thaks for waching these work = )