martes, 19 de enero de 2016

Welcome to your music blog

Dear boys and girls, welcome to your blog, a spot dedicated to you and your relationship with music.

I know you all live in constant contact with the art of sounds and have pretty clear musical preferences, so you have much to say to your colleagues and any other reader who pass through here.

We will start with a first post that you must write before next February 19.

You can choose any subject related to music to familiarize with the environment.
After that, we will have our first compulsory topic.

This first free post must contain not only an original and correctly written text, but also at least one link, one image and one video. You must add one or more tags as well.

Remember that in addition to the two obligatory quarterly posts, you have always the possibility to write freely.

Let's see who breaks the ice ... ;-)