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The Best Of Estopa

They are two brothers, they started in 1999 with his first album. The names of two brothers are José and David 
Muñoz. The first album sold 1.000.000 of units.
These are the brothers Estopa

Starting the 2001 maded 7 albums more and in 2015 maded
new album, the name of the album called "Rumba a lo desconocido" also maded more albums like...
  • 2004. "¿La calle es tuya?"
  • 2005. "Voces de ultratumba"
  • 2008. "Allenrok"
  • 2009. "Estopa X Anniversarivm"
  • 2011. "Estopa 2.0, el renacer"
  • 2014. "Esto es Estopa"
  • 2015. "Rumba a lo desconocido"
The Estopa made Rumba catalana and Rock. And these is my favorite song of Estopa "Como Camarón".

                        Thaks for waching these work = )

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Gold Hands, Strings of Angel

Francisco Sánchez Gómez was born the 21st December,1947 in Cádiz,Spain and he died the 25th of February 2014. He was  a composer and guitar player.

By his father and his big brother he learnt his firsts sturms and at the age of six he started to learnt "professionally" to play the guitar.

With twelve years he started to act with his brother Pepe and with fourteen he obtained his first award at the International Competition of "Arte Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera", that's when he started his international  degree. In 1967 he throw his first work by himself "La fabulosa guitarra de Paco de Lucía". A little bit later he started to work with Camarón,they became to a be an artistic couple.
 The bests compositions are:

  • Entre dos aguas (1973)
  • Río Ancho (1976)
  • La Barrosa (1987)
  • Tico tico (2012)

 Here´s the  video from Paco de Lucía called "Como el Agua"

If you want to know some more information about Paco de Lucía click here.

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Niña pastori, stage name from Maria Rosa Garcia Garcia she was born on january 15, 1978, She had two children with Julio Jimenez Borja , she is a flamenco singer. Four years used to accompany her mother, who sang from girl and was known as 'Pastori de la Isla' in the proceedings that led to San Fernando. 'Pastora' le enseñó el arte flamenco y se convirtió así en la referencia fundamental para que la Niña se hiciera cantaora. A los ocho años se dio cuenta de que quería seguir los pasos de su madre y comenzó a cantar.
with just twelve, the singer Camaron de la Isla introduced in the Teatro de Cádiz Andalucía, was so fascinated that in the middle of a concert asked him to serve with him.
At seventeen years she are presented the opportunity to record their first album, though not strictly flamenco. On the insistence of his mother Mary was going to Madrid to sing songs to the Parrala. There he was discovered by Alejandro Sanz, who was delighted and decided to go to San Fernando.
made eight albums published by the company Sony Music.
here are a few of his songs:
  1. la quiero a morir
  2. remolino
  3. amor de sanjuan
  4. acariciame la cara 
this is one of his songs: 

Flamenco, an Andalucian art.

Rosario Flores also known as Rosario Gonzalez Flores is a Spanish singer, composer and actress of gyspsy origin. In 2012 she was part of the judges of ´La Voz´. She was born the 4th November 1963 and her music style is pop, rock, rumba and flamenco. In 1984, with little more than 20 years, she recorded her first discographic work, ´Vuela De Noche´. The most beautiful terms of this work were signed by her brother.
  • 1984: Vuela De Noche.
  • 1996: Mucho por vivir.
  • 1999: Jugar a la locura.
  • 2001: Muchas flores.
  • 2003: De mil colores.
  • 2006: Contigo me voy.

All that I know

The flamenco highlights in Andalucía, Extremadura and Murcia. It includes singing,dance and guitar playing. They are a lot of Palos which are different forms of dance it.
My favorite Palo is las alegrias because I dance it. Here you can see a video of alegrias.

 But there are many more for example: bulerias, fandangos, malagueñas, sevillanas and tangos.
A famous flamenco singer is India Martinez she was born in Cordoba, Andalucia.She has been singing since 2003.
He has sung with artists such as David Bisbal, Pablo Alborán and Enrique Iglesias.

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Flamenco since childhood


Malu was born in 15th March of 1982 in Madrid between singers and artists,she became a singer too. She is the daughter of singer and niece Paco De Lucia. She begain her career at the age of 15.
She has 4 platinum discs. She began recording his first album "Aprendiz" in the year 1998.
In February 2012 she was selected as one of the four coaches of "La Voz" programme.
Those are ones of the most popular sings of Malu:
  • "Blanco y negro"
  • "Y ahora tú"
  • "Quiero"
  • "Vuelvo a verte"
  • "Deshazte de mi"
  • "A prueba de ti"

Here are more information about Malu click here.

A prodigy of flamenco's guitar

Paco de Lucia was a very important flamenco guitarrist. He became famous when he participated in an interational flamenco competition in 1962. He played in Europe, North America and Japan, so he became more famous.

He is considered a principal figure of flamenco music. He received a lot of awards such as two Latin Grammys for his albums Cositas buenas and En vivo conciertos España, and the National Award of flamenco guitar art.

He worked with Camaron de la Isla, and together, they modified the concept of classic flamenco.

Paco de Lucia published 38 discs. These are some of his songs:

  • Entre dos aguas
  • Rumba
  • Como el agua
  • Malagueña
  • Bulerias
In this video, you can see Paco de Lucia playing Bulerias with Camaron de la Isla:

Here is the official website of Paco de Lucia