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The best artist of flamenco

Camarón de la Isla was one of the most famous singers of flamenco. He was born in 1950 on the 5 of December in (Cadiz) Spain. When he was seven years old Camarón used to sing in the parties that his family did. In 1962 when he was twelve years old he was presented to a contest of flamenco. It was the beginning of the professional career of Camarón. After that, Camarón worked in (Andalucía), but he worked more in Málaga and Cadiz. Camarón had four children who are called Luis,Gema,Rocío and José. He used to do concerts with the guitar and with his voice close to others famous singers of flamenco, for example, Paco de Lucía, Kiko Veneno and Raimundo. In 1992 on the 2 of July with only forty-one years old he died. Camarón was a marvellous person.

These are ones of the famous songs of Camarón:
  • Como el agua
  • Soy gitano
  • La leyenda del tiempo
  • Volando voy
  • Rosa María 
  • Yo vivo enamorao 
  • Fandangos 
  • Dicen de mí
  • Que desgraciaitos son 
  • Romance de la luna
  • Calle Real
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