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Niña pastori, stage name from Maria Rosa Garcia Garcia she was born on january 15, 1978, She had two children with Julio Jimenez Borja , she is a flamenco singer. Four years used to accompany her mother, who sang from girl and was known as 'Pastori de la Isla' in the proceedings that led to San Fernando. 'Pastora' le enseñó el arte flamenco y se convirtió así en la referencia fundamental para que la Niña se hiciera cantaora. A los ocho años se dio cuenta de que quería seguir los pasos de su madre y comenzó a cantar.
with just twelve, the singer Camaron de la Isla introduced in the Teatro de Cádiz Andalucía, was so fascinated that in the middle of a concert asked him to serve with him.
At seventeen years she are presented the opportunity to record their first album, though not strictly flamenco. On the insistence of his mother Mary was going to Madrid to sing songs to the Parrala. There he was discovered by Alejandro Sanz, who was delighted and decided to go to San Fernando.
made eight albums published by the company Sony Music.
here are a few of his songs:
  1. la quiero a morir
  2. remolino
  3. amor de sanjuan
  4. acariciame la cara 
this is one of his songs: 

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