sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

To stardom .

Pablo Lopez is a spanish singer , concretly from Fuengirola .
I like his music becouse I heard it one day that I was coming home by car . A week ago I saw that he was going to sing in the theatre of Las Lagunas , and I thought that he wasnt a famous singer , but later on I hear him in the radio and I love his music , but then there was not more tickets for the concert .
He sings a type of pop that is call melodic pop , his songs treat about love , but from my point of view he relates it with the love that he feels for the music .

One of the songs that I like most of him is ``Tu enemigo ´´ . This song is about the migration of people that comes from another country looking for a better life , but they are rejected from the people that lives there . Here I leave you the origional video and the link from his official web page.

I hope that you like my spot , and that you love his music and hear more frecuently .

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