sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016


Niña Pastori was born on 15th of January 1978 in San Fernando, Cadiz.
She is a flamenco singer who has sold over 2 million copies in her 20-year career.
When she was seventeen years her presented the opportunity to record her first album, though not strictly flamenco, is a pop flamenco.

Among his awards are two Friend Awards for best flamenco album Eres luz and María and two Latin Grammys for best flamenco album.

Niña Pastori public ten discs, the first call Entre dos puertas in 1996 and the last call Ámame como soy in 2015.
 Here I leave a video in concert:

Before concluding I want to say that I choose this singer because I think it's a great artist and talented and I love their songs other than as her is.

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