miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

The King Of Flamenco

He  was born the 25 of December of 1942 in Granada, Spain and died the 13 of December of 2010 was 67 years old. His wife was Aurora Carbonell  they had three  children called Estrella, Soleá, and Enrique. This singer is pure flamenco icon, a large icon is also his daughter Estrella Morente, she was born the 14 of August of 1980 in Granada like his father,currently she is 35 years old.

His best-known albums are :

  •  Omega (1996)
  • Sueña la Alhambra (2005)
  • Pablo de Málaga (2008)

Enrique Morente in action:

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