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The great singer of souleía

 Antonio Manuel Álvarez Vélez, was born in Ayamonte, Huelva, on November 6 in 1980, known artistically as Pitingo.
 His son of a fisherman, as his grandfather, and of gypsy mother. He learned sing in family, since flamenco singer belongs to one of the sagas of great tradition. He is the creator of the Souleía, Soul to Bulería's pace.
Pitingo went to lived to Barajas, in Madrid. It was employed at the airport of suitcases loading while he was singing for bulerías and Manolo Caracol's fandangoes and this way the life was gained until his adoptive aunt Salomé Pavón decided to take Pitingo to a meeting of payos and of gypsies. This way his artistic career began.

 If you want to know more about he click here

His musical success are : 
  • Pitingo Con Habichuelas
  • Soulería  
  • Olé Y Amén 
  • Malecón Street
  • Cambio De Tercio       
In this video we can see Pitingo with Merche singing


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