lunes, 1 de febrero de 2016

Paradise for your ear

Miguel Poveda is a flamenco singuer, he was born in Barcelona the 13th of  February  in 1973, when he was child he recorder singing flamenco annd coplas becouse he really like. In 1988 wit 15 years old he rises for the first time on a stage. Miguel poveda is wanted to be heard also outside Catalonia this was presented to some tests in which he won 4 of the 5 Awards, in 1995 it manages to record their first album of flamenco with much effort.his biggest successes are:
  • Viento del este
  • Suena flamenco
  • Zaguán
  • Tierra de calma
  • Real
  • Sonetos y poemas para la libertad
  • Coplas del querer
  • Arte sano
This is a video of Real:


If you want to know more visit the official page of Miguel Poveda:click here 
if you want listen here music:click here

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