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The Legend

The Flamenco is a music style and dance originated in Andalucia, the result of a flamenco voice, accompanied by a flamenco guitar and the flamenco dance.

Characteristics of a flamenco guitar:

The traditional Spanish guitar are made of Spanish cypress and spruce woods, there are differences between flamenco and classic guitar for example; the different disposition of the harmonics bars inside the guitar, the dimensions of the rings or the most important that each one have a different type of sound.

The most important guitarist in the world was Paco de Lucia that died the 25th February of 2014. Since he was a kid he practiced many hours a day until he became a genius and Doctor Honoris Causa, and Principe de Asturias winner. Flamenco became an universal art because of Paco de Lucia. Nowdays many people study and dance flamenco all around the world.

Here you are an example of his talent "Entre dos aguas" (1976) 

For more information about flamenco click here

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